Sunday, August 24, 2008

senior year !

Big bad senior :) oh right. i'm excited. it's kinda crazy how everything happened so fast. there's a little but excitement, little bit nerve wracking. but all in all amazing. this summer i've lost many friends, but gained so many more that i will have forever. many memories have been put together and i wouldn't trade anything. i've made plenty of mistakes too. some that i can't take back and some that i wouldn't want to either. i've hurt people's feelings, almost beat up a certain girl that just can't seem to keep her mouth closed haha, but it was so fun, and sad to finally give up that time to go back to school.

I'm a cheerleader - varsity. i know i know.. KAYLA A CHEERLEADER ! what a sell out. haha yeah i've heard it all from my family. my big brother Jason recently said, "Oh man Kayla your a pom pom girl now?!" and i was like, "Jason don't ever call me that again.. or you will be sorry." He laughed of course thats what the all do when i try to act tough. i am excited though :) get to have a veryyy cute outfit and all that junk. BUT the senior lady's [ there's 5 of us ] are making the weak little freshies clean our cars :) and i got the van. which isn't to clean i must say. ha ha suckaa's.

My schedule is actually kinda gay. All my hard classes are in the morning.. which sucks because i always count on the easy ones in the morning so i can get a couple more hours in of sleep. yeah not working out this year i guess. but the good thing is that i have an aide after lunch so i'm pretty much free. very nice and happy for that. because number one ; i'm always late after lunch. and every teacher knows it. little story ; i was late everyday for two months straight and got so many tardies that Mr. Davis ( my history teacher ) finally gave up on giving them to me. oh well though it works. and now i got Mr. Toke : ] he's the sweets. i'm an aide for him and he pretty much loves me.

Hokay so this is my plan.. Graduate High School :) <- number one. Then, go to cosmotology school during summer for hair. <- number two. Go to the Zoo [ missoula, montana ] for counsoling. <- number three. And after that who knows ! but that is basically the plan my man.

Peace and Out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Lovely Prom <3

Well, prom was extremely amazing this year i have to say :D my amazing date was none other than ; Christian Dane Maloney. our double date partners were, Jarrett Jacobson and Brianna Seubert.

Mk, the morning started out like this ! Stephanie was taking mad photos of me all that morning and midday. even ones with me in a towel about to go into the shower ! hahaha then after my 'body shower' we dyed my hair red : ] and painted my nails hotpink to match my amazingly stellar shoes. i did get quite the deal with my shoes and dress. [ Ross ; dress ; $24 - Wet Seal ; shoes ; $26 ] yeah, can't get a better deal than that. so anyways then the 'older' ladies went to Pamida to do some shopping and i did my hair and makeup. when they cam eback Stephanie had a surprise for me ; A HOT PINK PURSE to match my shoes : ] but get this - my dress was green and white. mwahahah.

Quick Story ;
when i first got my dress and i told Christian about it. he was like 'what? you got a green and white dress with HOT PINK SHOES, kayla what were you thinking' BUT THEN at prom he totally knew i looked smokin' hot :) because yeah he said i did. haha i still got it.

so thenn at 3:30 Christian came by and we took some pictures and then left to go to his house, for MORE excited pictures, yay. then yeah our dates came and we went to the lighthouse, to only race on the way there haha. yeah we smoked them. but yeah after dinner we went to the school and got our REAL pictures there. then got ready for 'grand march'. we got in like, i kept thinking i hope i don't fall on my face :/ that would suck oh so terribly. but i didn't ! it went perfectly. then outside for MORE pictures yayy :P and then yeah, to the dance.

i lovedd it. dancing for 3 hours straight. amazing. i could do it all the time and never get tired. so then after the dance and everything we went to Christian's house and me and his put some jammies on. then Jarrett and Brianna came over. we played Guitar Hero III and then we got hungry so we decided to go to the Country Skillet to eat. then they had to leave because they had Explore America the next morning where the Junior class goes to Boston, New York, Washington, pretty much everywhere on the East coast. i didn't get to go :/ dang it. but anyways so Christian and i went to his place and watched some a couple movies, but we kept falling asleep ha silly kids. then he took me home, and he walked to the door where he bid me goodnight, and i went into my house fell on the recliner and passed out.

The Next Morning ;
Stephanie comes and wakes me up at 9 ! and says 'KAYLA ! get up i want to here about your wholeeee night !' i got home at likee ? 6 i think and i was like GO AWAY. haha no i got up and told her all about it. and of course ha i couldn't fall back asleep. so i took a shower and got ready for the day.

yeah prom was the sweets i will say : ]
thanks stephanie for coming down from Calgary
for meeeeee. i love you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Cover Story;

alrighty, where to begin? you know i did have this amazing blog already written out, and it said how i was the baby of the family, and they always remind me of that by treating me like it. and stuff like that. but obvisiously it wasn't good enough because my computer closed ! and i lost it. so here we go again. i'm sixteen, wow what a big number. i always thought when i turned sixteen somehow i would get rewarded for being so high and mighty and knowing everything. haha yeah as it turns out, the world doesn't bow to your every wishes like you hoped. i want to grow up fast. its honest. i always have, probably because i am the baby of the family : ] which no worries i'm diggin it. my parents don't ground me as much and everyone else. i can stay up as late as i want, most of the time. i don't get slapped across the face when i talk back, which sometimes i will agree i should. and my favorite, the spoilism. now i'm not that spoiled. like some people. but i'm not gunna lie and say that i don't get what i want the majority of the time because hey i do. now do i take advantage of that, i'm not gunna lie i do. but i know my limits and how far to push them.but my mom knows me to well, and sadly she is learning my tricks. dang older brothers and sister for teaching her. they do cause a problem somedays. they tell her my 'real' motives when i'm trying to let her let me do something. and that does cut into my game time. but they do save me a lot. like when i say something wrong to my mom, and she totally flips a gasget, they tell her that i didn't mean it that way or thats not what i meant by it. so i got to thank them for that. now i'm not the best person in the whole world, but i'm one of them (: naw just kidding. but seriously. i have my strong points. and my weak points. and my biggest weak point has to be Stephanie. yeah she has me wrapped around her little finger :) no lie. she did cause the blog diease. yeah me getting this blog, not my idea. all hers. getting a myspace. haha yeah half her idea. but i am thankful for her. we got each others back. were like . . . what is it? oh yeah, peanut butter and jelly. w/ wheat bread because white causes cancer ; ] she definitley has stolen my heart, with all the pizza and root beer movie nights. to shopping with 3 kids. one in the stroller, the other in the carrier, and the other little one in our hands. we definitley are rockin stylers when it comes to those days. we thats enough of that first blog. lets get on with the second already.